Numeric Citizen Blips 📡✨
June 18th, 2024

🕖 Now (↑33°C-↓21°C-🌧️52%) — Hot Day Ahead

Now ⭐
  • I decided to postpone the writing of this blog post and instead went outside for a 20-minute walk while temperature and humidity are bearable. It's going to be a hot day, with feels like temperatures well above 40°C. Now I'm back.
  • My digital legacy management guide is nearly complete, and I'm close to releasing it on my Gumroad page. Now, I must decide how much money do I want to charge for this. I could start at an introductory price of 10 US$ but later increase it to 20 US$.
  • Also progressing well is my /nope page. I'm surprised that I don't have that many items on my list, just yet.
  • Have a great day.