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June 14th, 2024

πŸ•– Now (↑24Β°C-↓15Β°C-🌧️62%) β€” A Place Without Mercy

Now ⭐
  • πŸ˜₯ Today is the kind of day where I just want to quit what I'm doing, thanks to a few guys on Reddit who called me out yesterday. Reddit, just like the playground at school when we were young kids, can be a place without mercy.
  • 🌷 But you know what? I'll continue doing what I'm doing, otherwise this would give too much credence to those bastards. I consider writing something like "thank you for your feedback, this is highly appreciated." kind of response (thanks Jarrod for this suggestion). I would probably get hammered though for doing this because those guys can't understand subtlety and sarcasm. I'll meditate on this.
  • 🫢🏻 I asked for feedback on, and again I saw a supportive and mature community. 🧑
  • 🌞 In other news, it's Friday, and tomorrow is the weekend. I'll try to make the most out of it. Peace.