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April 19th, 2024

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  1. Cloudy and gray expected today. It's not exactly the type of weather that I want to finish the week, especially if the weekend is expected to be the same.😑
  2. Yesterday, I mentioned to my boss that my 2017 Intel MacBook Pro started to feel slow and that he should expect a replacement request sooner than later.
  3. I expect to experiment with Adobe Bridge this weekend so that I can finalize my updated photo processing workflow. It's a free app, a rather powerful photo browser with integrated workflow building capabilities. Once completed, I should publish a new version of my photo processing workflow
  4. I'm rather late this week to complete my weekly creative summary. Not enough reading, not enough video watching, I might try to fix that tonight.
  5. Question: Would you like me to add a photo of mine in these posts? Let me know. 
  6. Have a great day.